Panier Escadrille Paris

The Escadrille team is growing!

 2022… Since the beginning of the year, there has been a lot of freshness at Escadrille! As you may have noticed, since January, I’m not alone anymore. So let me introduce her to you. Constance Couteau has joined me in the crazy Escadrille adventure. It’s a first and great step in this journey! 

Constance is a student in a master’s degree – Marketing & Communication at EFAP, the school for new communication jobs, in Lyon.

Escadrille is growing and the objective was to find the right person to work with me for 6 months (while waiting for my future employees : )) with the necessary qualities for the different missions I was going to give her.

Recruiting never happened to me. I thought it was simple… hop hop hop, an ad, a few resumes, job interviews and that’s all there is to it. Well, not at all! Recruiting is a real job (or headache…) and it takes time.

I spent a lot of time on LinkedIn to know what kind of profile I was looking for, which helped me to define my needs, which were actually quite vague. Today, I am a multi-faceted business woman: I manage everything from creation to production, from communication to sales. So I needed someone who was flexible enough, and able to adapt to the different needs of Escadrille.

While writing internship’s offer, I realized that, in order to develop the brand, recruitment in the next few months would be necessary. Having people with key skills in specific positions would allow me to go further in the projects in order to increase the brand’s notoriety, its visibility and to be able to develop the offer. 

 Recruiting also allows me to clarify my place and my role. Training and passing on information means I can delegate and focus on other areas of development for Escadrille.

Constance joined us a month ago and is mainly in charge of communication and e-commerce sales. But in a very small structure such as Escadrille, she had to adapt quickly to the rhythm of entrepreneurship and to the needs of the brand.

Giving a chance to motivated young people, transmitting my knowledge was also at the heart of this recruitment process. In the future, I know that recruiting will be a strategic turning point in the development of Escadrille.

If you have any experiences to share, or even tips to give me, I’m all ears! : ) 

Thank you,