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 The joy of (re) presenting you the collection designed by Sidonie, creator of MAISON FLORET.

Getting married is the joy of getting together. 

It is daring to commit oneself to life.

Traditionally, a pretty wedding dress means a pair of pumps. What if we went beyond the conventional and got married in pumps? 

Getting married in pumps is the classic, it’s elegant, chic, but let’s be honest, it also hurts your feet… With Sidonie, the founder and creator of Maison Floret, we create two pairs of espadrilles, comfortable, bohemian-chic trends.

Maison Floret is a pretty French brand of wedding dresses, created by Sidonie, in 2015. The young designer, with a subtle and refined talent, reconciles every woman with their images. She takes great pleasure in creating custom-made dresses, to highlight their personality and sublimate each bride. Maison Floret is above all a traditional French know-how, as we like it. 

The Florette team works on made-to-measure dresses in their workshop, in a charming little courtyard in the district “Le Marais”, with noble materials and haute couture finishing touches.

We, we imagine espadrilles. The espadrille is the universe of summer, vacations, relaxation, comfort… but we can easily imagine it for a bohemian-chic wedding, big tables in a field, brocante chairs, photophores, flowers, haystacks on the horizon…

The collaboration was born last year. The Sienna & the Palma, inspired by the traditional Basque espadrille. These espadrilles, they are hot for a wedding! The heels with the dress to dance until the end of the night, the flats to shine at brunch … 

La Palma (link), the flat espadrille in gold leather, is to ensure comfort, while illuminating your outfit. This pretty pair, hand-stitched, can easily be worn with a little summer dress or with simple jeans. 

The Sienna (link), golden glitter associated with the rope of the espadrille for a sparkling effect… We love it! 

They are both chic and sober, with a heel to take height while remaining comfortable (yes, it is an essential criterion of the espadrille). 

So, do you say “YES” to the espadrille wedding? 

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