Panier Escadrille Paris

Our sales policy

At Escadrille, our brand’s essence is proposing quality products with right prices, all year long. One of our main objectives is to be as transparent as possible with our customers, so we decided to tell you about our approach. 

In our company, on a day-to-day basis, we try to work in a reasoned manner, giving priority to short circuits. We place great importance on origin, more precisely, origin of our materials. We manufacture our espadrilles in Spain, with materials mainly made in France and Spain. For our leather, from Europe, we opt for companies with a natural tanning without chromium in the dyes, that you find, among others, on the Calvi model or the Lyonnaise. Reasoned fashion is thus, Escadrille’s DNA, we try, each day to respect our engagement, we work with care to propose the most honest prices, all year long.

In our company, we don’t have frequent collections, in order to avoid overproduction. We only do one launch per year, which corresponds to the restocking of our timeless. These models are very rarely on discount because they are at an honest price. We use noble materials, with high manufacturing costs due to European production

We also sell capsule collections, either in collaboration with other cute little brands, such as Jamini Design, Maison Floret or Eponyme, or simply models signed by Escadrille. These collections are produced in small quantities so as to avoid overstocking. Our capsule collections, if they are not renewed, are sold out, indeed, keeping them represents a cost and it is also taking the risk that the shoe gets damaged. 

Our ethical approach is also reflected in our packaging. Shoe’s boxes, made of recycled cardboard, are manufactured in Spain. The little bags in which we send the shoes, made in India by a responsible company, are made of organic cotton and our shipping boxes are made in France.

So now, you know everything : ) if you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to send them on our social networks, or to this address :