Panier Escadrille Paris



You can’t improvise when it comes to a photo shoot, preparation is key.
We have to find models and locations, design the set and the ambiance, draw up a schedule, and devise a through-line for the concept. The aim is to have a clear idea of the direction we want to take, even if we know to expect the unexpected and that impulse and spontaneity will also play their part!

We also need to ensure we receive the prototypes for our espadrilles in time for the big day. It’s a stressful time for us, but we always end up getting them in time, thanks to our fantastic manufacturers! Then we need to choose the styles and colors and determine how we are going to tie them all together and the common thread we want to highlight in our upcoming collections. We also need to find outfits for everyone and prepare the styles with the correct sizes for the models, pick up anything we are missing, and gather all the accessories we will need for each shot.

“All this preparation would not be possible without Florence’s innate sense of organization. She has the invaluable gift of being able to coordinate things to perfection, ensuring nothing is forgotten and without any stress or panic!” says Elise.

For this photo shoot, we turned to Marion Vallée, a professional photographer who loves what she does and whose work we adore. Marion always understands exactly what we are looking for, she has a brilliant imagination, she finds incredible spots… she has a great eye and incredible instincts. She also talks to the models a lot, so that every photo becomes a living, breathing image that captures the emotion emanating from it. It is wonderful to see her lens and her talent bring our ideas and vision to life!
None of this would be possible without Thomas, Marie, Mathilde and Emma, our models/actors, and they have also given the best of themselves to bring our vision to life and show our espadrilles in the best possible light, really living each scene and each moment to the fullest, making the result of this shoot as natural as it is stunning!

We chose one of our favorite places, Noirmoutier, an island off the west coast of France, and its captivating scenery as the backdrop for these photos. We captured the beauty of the village of Le Vieil, the Bois de la Chaise forest and the Anse Rouge and Souzeaux beaches.
One of the things that cannot be controlled during a shoot is the weather. So, we had to think on our feet, starting with the sets for our autumn and winter campaigns on the first day, when the weather was bad. We were lucky enough to have beautiful weather the next few days and were able to make the most of the sunlight to enhance the ambiance of the photos and the beauty of our espadrilles.


A four-day shoot can be intimidating at first, but in the end a harmony descends, everyone finds their feet, Elise takes the lead, Marion – ever the pro – picks up the baton, and Florence knows how to put everyone at their ease, attending to everyone’s needs and always knowing the right thing to say.
It has to be said that this time spent cut off from the outside world opens your heart, and creates strong bonds based on shared laughter and trust. It’s a unique experience.

These shoot days are lived in the moment. We let ourselves be guided by the ambiance and our different personalities, which helps us gradually create a story together. In spite of the advance preparation and the objectives defined, the shoot ends up being very personal and spontaneous. A bit like a treasure hunt, we gradually find the key to unity and follow a thread that will lead us to the photos of the collection.
That is why we are very happy with and proud of this shoot, which manages to convey our values with authenticity and sincerity, while highlighting our espadrilles and their quality, and accentuating all the details that mean so much to us and explain the choices behind this collection.

A huge thank you to the whole team who shared this experience with us and who participated in this intense but incredible project!
What do you think of the photos of our collection?