Panier Escadrille Paris


With their authentic rope soles, luxury espadrilles for women (and luxury espadrilles for men) are an essential part of the French shoe tradition. Drawing on the same shoemaking techniques used for centuries by specialized artisans and selecting noble materials, Escadrille creates simply sumptuous shoes.
Achieving this level of excellence requires precision, attention to detail, and consistently high standards. So high-quality espadrilles boast fine materials that have been carefully chosen. With a hand-sewn construction, different shapes for right and left foot for complete comfort, and meticulous finishes to ensure longevity,
high-end espadrilles are a real fashion gem.


Once they’ve got the technical fundamentals nailed, luxury espadrilles for men and women also need to offer inspired aesthetics. A French stylist draws up the designs for Escadrille’s shoes, each more appealing than the next. Her imagination is fueled by travel, modern life, and the latest fashion trends spotted at trendsetting trade shows. All these factors combine to delight those who appreciate a rich and multifaceted world of creative influences.
Escadrille’s elegant women’s espadrilles are defined by a vision, a unique identity that will quite naturally accompany the wearer with every step they take.


Chic espadrilles offer endless interpretations with different shapes, details, colors, materials, and trims. Escadrille’s current best-sellers include the sophisticated Vacances Romaines women’s espadrilles. This absolutely charming design presents a bronze canvas with a beige canvas lining. It also has a black grosgrain ribbon trim and a leather insole. As for chic espadrille wedges, how could we fail to mention the superb raspberry-red Jane and its soft suede goatskin lining?
Men are catered for too, as Escadrille’s collections are brimming with luxury espadrilles for men, like the Lyonnaise shoes made from extra supple leather. The only problem: with all the options available, how will you ever make up your mind?