Panier Escadrille Paris



While the typical Californian spends her day in yoga pants, a vest top and flip-flops with no purse in sight, by evening she is sure to be dressed to the nines! Every culture has its own fashion customs, whether it’s the sensuality of Italian designs or the eccentric or preppy currents of English style, everyone has their own vision. But let’s not be modest. There is one aesthetic that has and always will have universal appeal: French chic!
Mingling classic taste with nonchalance, creativity with minimalism, and sophistication with natural looks, the French style is hard to define but is paradoxically instantly recognizable. Over time, this state of mind has crystallized as a series of iconic looks. What would the Parisienne be without Coco Chanel’s little black dress or Inès de la Fressange’s striped sweater?
As fashion is never fixed and is constantly evolving, this world has produced many sources of inspiration. In fact, perhaps that’s the key to French elegance: our ability to take legendary pieces and incorporate them in our own unique and individual looks. So one day we might fancy a romantic boho look with a long floral dress and tie-up espadrilles. And the next day we might feel glamorous and slip on a floaty mini skirt and a sleeveless top, paired with espadrille heels. There’s a different style for every mood!


Whether you love a casual style or a bit of sophistication, every fashionista worth her salt knows that it’s best to avoid a head-to-toe look. The French approach is to mix pieces with different styles and budgets while starting with a solid foundation. Admittedly, the French aren’t always the most adventurous when it comes to fashion… But the key to a winning combination is dependable basics. A well-cut trench coat, the perfect pair of jeans, beautiful materials, the timeless androgynous white shirt, discreet jewelry and a beautiful leather purse are all must-have pieces in an elegant French woman’s closet.
As for shoes, at Escadrille we think that they are the most important piece, setting the tone for the whole outfit. There is no place for cheap, second-rate purchases here. Instead, go for high-quality creations that are both stylish and comfortable. It was with these values firmly in mind that we put all our passion into collections celebrating this idea of Beauty. But enough talk, we hope our work will speak for itself. And that you only need to discover the charms of a sparkly Lovrecina or the chic simplicity of a caramel leather Calvi to see what we mean.