Panier Escadrille Paris

 French and Catalan espadrilles – wardrobe essentials

Slip on a pair of understated, elegant espadrilles to channel French chic from head to toe. In the heart of the Pyrenees, the mountains straddling the border between France and Spain, Escadrille has designed a series of magnificent collections – so what are you waiting for?


French expertise and quality

Espadrille shoes originate from France and were created in the Basque Country. Their design is simple, lightweight and specifically intended to withstand intense heat and keep feet comfortable.

Escadrille continually revisits the traditional Catalan espadrilles while keeping the iconic rope soles. The result is truly timeless must-have pieces with a refined and modern touch that lend themselves to any occasion.

Escadrille’s French designers are brimming with creativity. They transform classic espadrilles into the trendiest pair of shoes or even a groundbreaking creation. The brand’s Catalan and French espadrilles come in an endless array of different designs.

Genuine hand-made espadrilles for women and men

Escadrille’s Catalan and French espadrilles are very long-wearing as they are made in a way that draws on precious traditional expertise and uses high-quality materials.

From women’s espadrilles to men’s espadrilles, there is a shoe for everyone and every style! The Escadrille team has developed French espadrilles in every size and shape to suit as many people as possible.

They come in a variety of shades that are right on trend, ranging from understated to bright and bold. New finishes are achieved by working the different materials, giving more sophisticated styles made from leather, or more festive designs crafted from glittery textiles. A range of motifs bring freshness to these French espadrilles for even more creativity and cute color combinations.

Escadrille’s French and Catalan espadrilles offer excellent comfort and cater to any occasion, whether you’re working, at home, dining out, in the city, or on the beach.