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Having “Ibiza” and “Confidential” in the same title might sound out of place when you know how much the beloved Balearic island is a bit of a honeypot for tourism that is not always very respectful, with its low-cost flights, its huge number of tourists, and its never-ending giant parties. And while its little sisters Menorca and Formentera have become the authentic destinations of the moment in this part of the world, we wanted to embrace Ibiza through the eyes of those who have always loved the island and know that it is often a question of taking a step aside to discover its quieter, gentler, and more confidential side.


By turns hippy, jet-set, techno, feel-good, trendy, family-oriented… Ibiza is the concentration in a small area an idyllic holiday idea, depending on what you come for. And considering its success, which has been going on for decades, the summer months remain those where the notion of confidentiality is the most difficult to put into practice, so of course the regulars in love with the island always advise coming once most tourists are back home (September is wonderful). We therefore do not guarantee that you will be absolutely alone in July and August in the places we share, but they will give you the opportunity to discover facets of a solar and authentic Ibiza !

Think of yourself as a modern-day Robinson

Cala Conta, on the west coast of the island, is a hot-stop of blazing sunsets in front of which to sip sangria, exceptionally clear water, white sand and therefore…crowds considering the beauty of the place. But just opposite there are several small islands that can be reached by private boat, or by swimming for the bravest (you have to be a good swimmer, and be careful with the boats). The last island is Illa sa Conillera, whose southern end is about 1.5km from Cala Conta, a feeling that you have reached the end of the world, a very minimalist vegetation, a lighthouse at its northern end and its tiny little sandy cove.

Test your stamina on the small, steep paths

To discover less visited places, it is essential to be able to move around the island on your own. A car will take you to the small village of Santa Agnès de Corona, through a superb landscape of fig, almond and olive trees planted on a beautiful red earth. From the village where you leave the car you can reach the sea by small aromatic trails. At the bottom, rocks overlook the translucent water, in which you dive with delight. As the place has to be earned (especially on the way back, it climbs for a good hour!) you are sure it will be very peaceful. And on the way back, as a reward for your efforts, a cool drink and a tortilla in the little village are a must.

Treat yourself to a wellness bubble

The first luxury hotel in Ibiza in 1971, the Hacienda Na Xamena remains a reference on the island, with its extraordinary view of the rocks, and right in line with the sunset. Without staying at the hotel, you can spend a few hours in its spa, La Posidonia, with its cascading pools overlooking the sea. You can complete your journey with a yoga session and a vegetarian (or not!) lunch or dinner in the Hacienda’s restaurant, Eden to enjoy the vegetables grown in the garden.

Local cuisine in an old school

On the road to Santa Gertrudis de Fruitera, in the centre of the island, the Oleoteca Es Escoles is a former school that has been beautifully restored into a place dedicated to Ibizan olive oil. It is adjacent to the olive fields and the mill that transforms the 2 varieties of olive grown into one of the best olive oils on the island, Can Miquel Guash. It’s a great place to soak up the cultural and gastronomic beauties of Ibiza, and enjoy the restaurant (indoor, which is beautifully decorated, or outside on the terrace) and the shop/grocery that sells some of the island’s finest products.

Sailing around the island of s’Espalmador

There are also small paradises in this part of the world whose existence eventually becomes known, but whose location limits the number of people who come ashore. The island of s’Espalmador is a tiny piece of land of 2km2 between the south of Ibiza and the north of Formentera, forming like a string of pearls in the sea, and almost linking the two islands. On s’Espalmador, apart from a private house and a farm, the island is nothing but a succession of dunes, miraculous beaches (with probably the most transparent waters in the Mediterranean!), fauna and flora of an immense biological richness. But the island is hard to get to, it is only accessible by boat, a sailing boat so as not to disturb the peace of the place.

The unpretentious restaurant and its cinema view

An island of spectacular scenery with its jagged coasts and cliffs, Ibiza can be admired from the heights, with the sea at 360° as a giant cinema screen. Just above Es Cubells, on the south coast of the island, the bar/grill Llumbi is one of those restaurants whose address is only revealed cautiously, hoping that it will not be taken over and will continue to offer its simplicity, its generous family food, its low prices, and that we will be able to enjoy its sublime view for a long time to come, in front of some anthology calamari à la plancha.