Panier Escadrille Paris

Espadrille platform sandals: a must-have for spring and summer 

If you can’t bear to wear high heels for several hours in a row, espadrille platform sandals are exactly what you need. They are sure to revolutionize your day-to-day life! As Escadrille strives to offer its customers the ultimate in comfort, it designed the Casablanca espadrille platform sandals – incredibly comfy shoes for slip-on coziness.

Espadrille platform sandals – on-trend AND comfortable

So many women balk at the idea of wearing heels to work, an afternoon shopping trip, or even an evening out as they’re scared of having to change shoes on the way – or even worse, walk back barefoot.

If this applies to you, what are you waiting for? Espadrille platform sandals are a sure-fire choice. They are an excellent compromise between your stiletto heels and your favorite flat sneakers.

Espadrille platform sandals allow you to be toweringly tall while feeling like you’re firmly on the ground. This is because the XXL rope soles put less of a bend in your foot, leaving you feeling like you’re walking in flats or like you’ve got little heel lifts.

You will be able to roam the city streets from dawn till dusk without any discomfort in espadrille platform sandals. They have won over countless women who never want to take them off – that’s how comfortable they are!


Spotlight on the Casablanca women’s platform espadrilles

Escadrille’s Casablanca shoes are a magnificent pair of leather espadrille platform sandals. Despite their high heel, they remain incredibly comfy thanks to the thick platform. Only putting the tiniest bend in the foot, they offer optimal comfort and will see you through all your day-to-day activities without the slightest soreness. The broad leather straps and metal buckle fastening are very on-trend and help keep your feet firmly in place.

This pair of espadrille platform sandals beautifully shapes your legs for a slender silhouette, all while supporting your feet and offering unparalleled comfort. They go perfectly with a straight or flared mini dress, a long skirt, or floaty pants for chic yet simple looks that can be worn anywhere.

Available in two colorways – black and camel – these open-toe espadrille platform sandals will soon become your favorite summer shoes!