Panier Escadrille Paris

Comfortable espadrille heels

Espadrille wedges have comfortable heels that are easy to walk in all day long, without ruining your toes. Taking inspiration from the shoes of prima ballerinas, Escadrille has designed espadrille heels with pretty ankle ties or delicate ribbons. These Escadrille models flatter feet while adding a sensual and feminine touch. Thanks to their comfortable heels, they give a chic, elongated silhouette while keeping you properly balanced.

Comfortable heels to wear wherever you go 

If you also love heels as much as you fear them, our espadrille wedges are made for you! Enjoy some added height without worrying about the pain and discomfort that sometimes come with wearing a pair of pumps. This summer, show off your legs in our comfortable espadrille heels.

Espadrille wedges are the star shoes of the summer season and make perfect companions for walking in the sunshine. We offer such a wide range of espadrilles that you are sure to find the pair of your dreams. Escadrille has two different heel heights to suit your needs: mid heel and high heel. Whatever you choose, Escadrille’s espadrilles provide maximum comfort – and once you’ve tried them, you’ll never look back!

Comfortable heels for dancing all night long

Escadrille has designed several models of ankle-strap and lace-up espadrilles with comfortable heels that help to support feet and maintain their natural arch, preventing injuries.

Escadrille’s comfortable espadrille heels provide optimal comfort, putting an end to suffering when you’re on your feet for a long time or if you tend to walk long distances.

They are perfect for adding a touch of glamor to your daytime or evening attire without having to face the pain that comes with pumps or stiletto heels. The comfortable heels on espadrille wedges give you the confidence to wear heels on a night out and allow you to dance the night away, unhindered.

Support your feet even better with tie-up espadrille wedges. In addition to their comfortable heels, they will support your ankles as you stroll along avenues, back streets, and even coastal paths without the slightest discomfort.


High-end craftsmanship for ultra-comfortable heels 

Our espadrilles are the fruit of a French and Spanish alliance. They are first designed in France before making their way to our workshops in Spain, near Alicante, where the deft hands of our craftsmen bring them to life.

Escadrille strives to bring you comfortable espadrille heels made from the best available materials by teaming up with true industry professionals. The jute rope used for the soles of our espadrilles is woven in Spain directly, the leathers come from France, Spain or Italy, and our espadrilles are finished in France and in Spain.

To ensure our heeled espadrilles are comfy, they are made with a suede goatskin insole and goatskin-lined canvas – the secret to our comfortable espadrilles, whatever heel height you choose.

Spotlight on our Dolce Vita and Casablanca shoes

Some models of espadrille wedges are extremely comfortable and this is definitely the case for Escadrille’s Dolce Vita and Casablanca shoes. Their comfortable heels give great stability and put a stop to the pain that sometimes comes with spending several hours in heels.

The Dolce Vita design offers superb comfort with its ankle ties. These comfortable tie-up espadrille heels are available in a range of colors, catering to any style of dress and lending a feminine touch to any summer outfit.

The Casablanca, meanwhile, features a platform heel, which is ideal if you’re not a fan of heels with a big arch. As platforms don’t put your feet into this position, which some people often find unpleasant and even unbearable, they make for a more comfortable heel. Platform shoes also add a trendy feel that will elevate any look.

Comfortable espadrilles with mid or high heels are real wardrobe must-haves. They flatter any figure and go with every outfit, whether casual, sultry, glamorous or chic – your wish is their command! So don’t delay, find the espadrilles of your dreams at Escadrille.