Panier Escadrille Paris

Flat espadrille sandals – comfortable AND stylish 

Escadrille’s flat espadrille sandals bring style and elegance to your everyday life. They are your best friends for shopping trips with the girls, sipping a drink at a sidewalk café, or for long walks along the shore on summer evenings.

Timeless, chic and stylish, Escadrille’s various models are designed to let you move freely and offer incomparable comfort all day long. With their iconic rope soles and a leather insole, flat espadrilles combine comfort and lightness while remaining just as authentic. The uppers, meanwhile, are either made from canvas in a nod to the traditional espadrilles, or from lined leather for an original twist.

By selecting high-quality materials and crafting our flat espadrille sandals in our workshops in Spain, Escadrille produces high-end shoes that respect Basque craftsmanship and know-how. Our flat espadrilles are sewn by hand by the best artisans in Spain to meet your every fashion fancy.

Are flat espadrilles stylish? Of course!

Gone are the days of espadrilles being confined to home, the poolside or trips to the beach! Thanks to Escadrille’s various designs of flat espadrille sandals, your cute espadrilles can follow you wherever you go.

So why not slip on your finest pair of flat espadrille sandals for a chic party? The Calvi espadrilles are made from high-quality leather and will lend an elegant and sophisticated touch to even the simplest outfit. Choose the gold colorway to cause a stir at your glittering evening events – it will bring out your tan and brighten up your look in the blink of an eye. Looking for something more understated but just as elegant and comfortable? Choose our Calvi espadrilles in black or camel and pair them with a casual or dressy outfit. In these flat espadrille sandals, you can channel casual-chic wherever you go.

To add a hint of originality, open-toe espadrille flats are your best bet. The criss-crossed leather straps on the upper let your toes peek through, making open-toe espadrilles ideal for an on-trend boho-chic summer look.

Flat espadrille sandals for Parisian chic

If you’re a fashionista wanting to effortlessly emanate the chic Parisian style, Escadrille’s Parisienne flat espadrille sandals are THE shoes you need! This model is a wardrobe staple for any Parisian woman and is an ideal way to achieve effortless elegance with simple yet classy outfits. This understated pair of flat espadrille sandals – decorated with a flat bow and a broad black, navy or white ribbon, depending on the one you choose – is easy to mix and match with all your outfits so you can embody the ultimate in Parisian chic.