Panier Escadrille Paris


We named our espadrille sneakers after the legendary BYRON BAY for a reason. This Australian resort, famed for surfing and getting away from it all, is entirely in keeping with our approach for these sneakers for men and women. Their design features a classic construction with a rope sole and a supple white leather upper, lending them to all kinds of activities. Whether walking by the water’s edge, strolling along the beach, or sipping a pre-dinner drink with friends, our sneakers’ high-quality soles and refined design will take you anywhere.


What makes the Byron Bay sneakers a characteristic Escadrille creation is the careful attention to their finishing touches. While they are a unisex design, we also wanted to add a more personal feel. So the espadrille sneakers for women are embellished with gold or beige leather heel inserts. These delicate and elegant colors lend themselves perfectly to summer outfits. As always, it is the details that add the feeling of refinement, meaning you can easily wear your sneakers with a mini or maxi dress, a sarong, or even a pair of perfectly cut linen pants.

The sneakers for men showcase a different material with a beige suede heel. They even feature navy-blue stripes to reinforce their maritime inspiration. For men too, all outfits go well with these incredibly understated espadrille sneakers. Despite their casual style, they have a powerful presence that will really add to your look.

So embrace the espadrille sneakers created by our teams of designers, who cleverly combine the latest trends to give you both comfort and appeal. You’re sure to find sneakers that put some style in your step!