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Pauline de Saussure’s Mallorca

Pauline de Saussure fell in love with a magical destination, Mallorca, the largest island in the Balearic Islands, more than 10 years ago. She didn’t hesitate too long when she heard a little voice telling her it was time to listen to her heart and follow her passion. She is now dividing her time between Paris and the wild and sublime north-east side of Mallorca. To tie it all together, she has created a company that organises ultra-elegant weddings and ultra-events, to help others experience the Mallorca she loves. In this portrait, Pauline takes us to her secret Mallorca and tells us about her favourite addresses, promises of beautiful parties under the stars and deserted coves with crystal clear waters.


A globetrotter and a polyglot, Pauline is also very Parisian, with an assured taste and an eye for beautiful things, and if it hadn’t been for the arrival of Mallorca into her life (where she has been going regularly for the last 10 years) she would have pursued her brilliant career at Hermès and Chanel (her last company) without asking too many questions. But the pandemic arrived, and after three months confined in Mallorca in the family home, it became a certainty that this island had to take a larger place in her life, but without leaving Paris completely, her St_Germain-des-Près life being just as important. Without taking too much time to think about it for fear that reason would get the better of her, she left the Chanel group and created Saussure Weddings & Events, almost 3 years ago.

Pauline has always loved organising parties and creating links between people, she has an attention to detail and a rigour that her professional years have confirmed (and what better schools for this than Hermès and Chanel!), she knows how to create something beautiful and memorable, and above all she knows how to listen, reassure, understand needs and wishes, and also know how to be a trusted counsellor sometimes: the job of wedding planner, a delicate equilibrium between perfect co-ordination and hyper-personalised human management, was an obvious one. And Mallorca was to be the setting in which to express all her creativity in designing extraordinary weddings and events. A lucky star was watching over her: the St. Regis, the sublime hotel in the south-west of Palma, which from the very first year listed Pauline and her company among its best recommendations for organising weddings in Mallorca.

Since then, her order book has been full and she manages her time between Paris and the island, always available, always patient. Her clientele is mostly Anglo-Saxon (Americans, Australians, English) but also French. Her weddings are magical, breathtakingly beautiful. It must be said that the island lends itself to all desires, from the sublime hotel to the private property in which to party under the stars until dawn, and Pauline knows all the places, even the most secret, and the best professionals on the island (all Mallorcans) trust her.

Pauline is very inspiring, because she puts human relations at the heart of everything she does, and this is not a posture. And anyway, it would be impossible to succeed in this profession without care and dedication to others !


There is no shortage of fabulous islands in the Mediterranean, and Mallorca, when we look at it from France, does not always have the best reputation, somewhat damaged by the mass tourism that made it one of its flagship destination a few decades ago, turning some of its coastlines into ugly zones. So how come Pauline loves Mallorca so much?

Perhaps precisely because it is the island for absolutely everyone, whether you come to party (it has nothing to envy Ibiza for that purpose), to stay in all-inclusive hotels and clubs on a reasonable budget, to live a real urban experience (Palma de Mallorca has all the facilities of a major regional capital, including an international airport with excellent connections from Europe and even direct flights from New York), stay in very luxurious hotels (major luxury chains are all opening in Mallorca, the Mandarin Oriental, the Four Seasons, even Richard Branson has a hotel there), but you can also totally disconnect from the world for a few days if you wish.

Because there are places in Mallorca that are totally unspoilt, much less frequented, but which are well worth the effort (hiring a car is essential). It is this Mallorca Pauline fell in love with 10 years ago when she settled in the north-east of the island, where urbanisation has remained very limited, nature is everywhere, beautiful and wild, where you can walk between olive and lemon groves, where the cliffs are steep, the beaches rarer, the coves more marvellous, and the water extraordinarily translucent. A region that is best discovered by boat, or on foot for the courageous, along the beautiful hiking trails.


To stay:

La Finca Gomera for a yoga retreat or bike circuits

Es Racó d’Artà, for spiritual retreats

La Finca Son Salas, a beautiful finca for rent

Cap Rocat, a sublime former fortress, now a luxury hotel, marvelous

For a walk:

The Cape of Formentor and the breathtaking Tramuntana mountain (a UNESCO World Heritage Site)

For an evening in Palma:

Mercat 1930 

The Merchants Palma


El Camino

For a swim:

Cala Deia, the famous, idyllic postcard

The refuge of S’Arenalet, like the Caribbean in the Mediterranean, difficult to access, ultra preserved

Cala d’Angulla and Cala Mesquida

The Llevant region, to the north-east, where Pauline is based

To visit:

The 3 charming historical villages of Deià, Sóller, and Valldemossa

The Yannick and Ben Jakober Art Foundation, Sa Bassa Blanca with its beautiful gardens

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