Panier Escadrille Paris

How do I care for my espadrilles and their different materials ?

Like all high-quality shoes, when Escadrille’s espadrilles are properly cared for, they can last even longer. Of course how you care for them depends on what materials your espadrilles are made from.

To care for your flat canvas espadrilles, don’t machine-wash them. Instead, wash them by hand with a mild detergent and rinse them with clean water. To stop rings from forming on the canvas or the leather soles, dry your espadrilles with an absorbent cloth rather than in the sun. The same applies for lace or denim fabrics on different models of espadrilles.

For leather espadrilles, you will need to polish them (just as you polish any other pair of shoes) with a colorless polish or one in the same color as your espadrilles.

On suede espadrilles, you should use a waterproofing product to keep them looking beautiful.

Generally speaking, whatever the model of espadrille, you should avoid getting the rope wet. However if this does happen, don’t panic. Simply leave your espadrilles to dry in a dry and shady place.