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Every day, we do our utmost to ensure our work is based on sound reasoning, from postal optimization to keeping our commitments. We like to work in an environment of trust and proximity and above all be there for our customers! At Escadrille, we are – and always have been – all about high-quality espadrilles and short supply chains.

Our shoes are so much more than just espadrilles. They are comfortable summer shoes with beautiful finishes.


The jute rope used to make the soles is woven in Spain, near Alicante. Depending on whether it is a flat or heeled model, the rope is rolled up, then compressed pair by pair. We then add a rain-resistant elastomer sole underneath this, which is stuck on using a water-based adhesive. This elastomer is also sourced from the same region in Spain. This real shoe sole – which helps to protect the rope while offering a more attractive finish than the vulcanized plastic variety commonly used – is what truly sets our Escadrilles apart. Our soles are then sent to our shoemaker in the Murcia region, a few miles from Alicante.


The origin of the materials we use to make our espadrilles is really important to us. Our fabrics are woven and finished in either France or Spain. We always use cotton or linen to make our espadrilles even suppler and comfier. Our leather comes from France, Spain or Italy and is tanned in Spain using a carefully considered process that involves no chrome dyes. The grosgrain trim is made in France and, depending on the model, is either made from cotton or a cotton and polyester blend. Finally, the binding is made in Spain from cotton.


Our shoemaker, who is based in the Murcia region, can then start to make our espadrilles. They are entirely produced and assembled at their factory. Luis, the man in charge, took over from his father and his father before him. It is a family-owned business run for several generations. In recent years, Luis was able to expand the factory and invest in new machines that allowed him to increase production while maintaining the same level of skill and expertise needed to make our shoes. Our flat espadrilles are hand-sewn at their factory or by independent shoemakers, all of whom perpetuate this ancestral know-how.


Our Escadrille boxes are made in Spain from recycled cardboard.

Our drawstring pouches are made from organic cotton and are produced in India by a certified responsible company. They are then printed in France.

Our cards are designed and printed in France.

Our packaging boxes for our online store orders are made and printed in France.


We store all our pairs of espadrilles in Auvergne with David, our logistics coordinator.

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Please let us know if you have any other questions after reading this article. We want to be as transparent as possible!