Panier Escadrille Paris

Escadrille: luxury espadrilles made in the basque tradition

Escadrille offers a variety of espadrilles for men and for women. Our products are designed for those wanting high-quality shoes with a unique look made in the traditional way. So naturally, Escadrille presents a range of chic, elegant, on-trend and sophisticated espadrilles that honor the traditions of these typically Basque shoes.

While it’s not quite known when the first-ever espadrille was created, we do know that these shoes were already being made in the Béarn region and the Basque Country during the 18th century.

On the back of the espadrille revival in the 2010s, Escadrille wanted to create a high-end espadrille using traditional French and Spanish know-how.


When making its espadrilles, Escadrille honors the Basque tradition with a sole made from rope and an entirely hand-sewn construction.

These are essential requirements for Basque-inspired espadrilles that are timeless, elegant, and comfortable.

More importantly, all our espadrilles are made on the Spanish side of the border, in the cradle of the espadrille. All our shoes are assembled in the region of Murcia, Spain.


Most of all, Escadrille’s espadrilles are made to be creative, durable, and environmentally friendly.

To achieve this, Escadrille draws on ancestral traditions to make espadrilles of the utmost quality that are exceptionally long-lasting (so long throwaway footwear).

All the materials used to produce our espadrilles come from short supply chains, with the canvas, leather, and woven ropes coming from France or Spain.

What’s more, we are delighted to have a production process founded on trust and transparency that puts people first. It’s our way of continuing to write the history of espadrille shoes.

And the very best part is that it works; our espadrilles follow the Basque tradition while being undeniably unique and on-trend.