Panier Escadrille Paris

You have discovered our 48h bags, customizable travel bags in cotton, linen canvas and leather.

Élise tells you about the project and the creation of our weekend bags!


Why are you, as an espadrille brand, launching a luggage line?

If you had to classify the Escadrille brand concept, you could group things according to two pillars. First of all, the quality, the attention to the finishes, and the way in which we showcase the skills of the best artisans. And then, of course, there is travel, which has been part of Escadrille since the beginning with Georges’ family history and the nod to aviation, and is in line with the brand spirit. Luggage fits in perfectly with these two pillars and so it is quite a natural development.

Is this diversification or a real shift in strategy?

I see it more as a logical progression. The espadrilles are still at the forefront and define the brand, its origins and most of its range of products. Meanwhile the luggage helps reinforce the travel concept and add an extra something to the simple elegance of relaxation.

What will fans and customers of Escadrille find?

In addition to continuity with the concept I’ve just described, we have kept the framework of principled production. The canvases are French, the leathers are Spanish, and the production and particularly the sewing takes place in Spain. And naturally, you will find the high quality standards and polished finishes of Escadrille products with the same chic yet simple style. We always try to be sophisticated without being showy.

Tell us a bit about the models.

They are weekender bags: quite iconic and timeless models made for short breaks. The base is crafted from high-quality leather and the canvas is sewn as our espadrille. Inside, there are two drawstring pockets on either side for storing your shoes – preferably your Escadrilles! And importantly, you will be able to personalize it with your initials.

Are they limited runs?

Initially yes, but the collection will be timeless and renewed. We’re starting with a limited run of three models as it’s important for us not to deal with excess inventory and have to sell off unsold items. It’s not our normal way of doing things but it’s true that the trade-off is the risk of stock running out.

Is the collection here to stay and will it grow in the future?

It’s here to stay, of course, just like I said, even though it’s possible or even likely that it will be sold out before Christmas. But it will be back in 2023 and I’ll even let you in on a scoop: we already have a toiletry bag and a laptop case in the pipeline and they will be released in the next few days!