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How to clean espadrille wedges ?

Espadrille wedges mean thicker soles! It’s true that rope wedges are bigger than standard soles, making cleaning them appear a more daunting task…

But don’t be fooled, cleaning espadrille wedges isn’t as hard as it looks! Firstly, every pair of Escadrille shoes has an elastomer sole to protect the rope.

Secondly, the way to care for your pair of espadrille wedges varies depending on what they are made from. Leather sandals are easy to treat. However, make sure you protect the rope part properly from any products used, especially if it contains a tint, as this could alter the color of the rope.

If your rope wedge sandals are made of canvas, you can clean them easily with water and a little mild detergent. If the rope gets wet, just leave it to air somewhere dry.