Panier Escadrille Paris

How are escadrille’s espadrilles made ?

Escadrille’s various models of espadrilles adhere to a very precise set of specifications. Our aim is to offer you on-trend, timeless shoes that are particularly long-lasting.

To meet these criteria, all our designs have a right foot and a left foot.
Our flat espadrilles have an outer sole trim as well as a leather insole on a comfort foam base to provide your feet with… that’s right, greater comfort.

Our espadrille uppers are either made from canvas (for a traditional espadrille look) or from lined leather (for added interest, quite simply). All our espadrilles have a leather tab at the back of the shoe to support the heel and stop them from rubbing.

Of course there are also the authentic rope soles that make espadrilles so appealing, with all of our designs sewn by hand in Spain.

Espadrille heels, meanwhile, have a suede goatskin insole and canvas lined with goatskin to make the shoe more supple.

All of this means that our espadrilles are the product of meticulous and masterly craftsmanship.