Panier Escadrille Paris

Can you wear espadrilles if you have wide feet?

If you want to try the Escadrille Paris experience for yourself and buy your first pair of wide-fitting espadrilles, our styles for both men and women are suitable for all foot shapes.

If you have wide feet, Escadrille espadrilles tend to give a little with frequent wear. However, if you’re worried about being uncomfortable, some espadrille styles are more suited to wide feet than others.

The wide fitting espadrille styles we recommend most highly are Big Sur and Lyonnaise (in suede) for men and Lyonnaise and Lovrecina for women. By opting for one of these espadrille styles for wide feet, you can enjoy comfort and top quality without having to worry about your new pair of espadrilles feeling too tight. These special wide espadrilles let your feet breathe, leaving you to your carefree fun.