Panier Escadrille Paris

How do I tie lace-up espadrilles ?

Nowadays many espadrilles incorporate laces, making them more practical, as well as more sensual. Depending on the design, the color of your espadrilles, and the length of the ties, you can adjust the laces to highlight your feet, your ankles, or your calves.

In actual fact, the laces make great accessories for adorning your ankles. Generally speaking, simply wrap the laces or ties around your ankles and tie them together. Remember to leave some slack to stop them from digging into you.

You can play with the laces to achieve your desired effect. So you can knot the Dolce Vita tie-up espadrille wedges at the front of your foot to add a romantic touch. And the Socoa tie-up flat espadrilles accentuate your ankles while being easy to tie.