Panier Escadrille Paris


The international success of these rope-soled shoes has given rise to industrial-scale competitors for whom quality is not always a priority. Some versions (usually from Asia) have the appearance of “throwaway” shoes that wouldn’t last longer than the summer. In stark contrast, authentic hand-sewn espadrilles are manufactured with a level of excellence that places them firmly in the luxury, high-end category.
The expertise and ancestral techniques passed down through the generations used to make hand-made Basque espadrilles set them apart and provide their unique cachet.


The cornerstone of artisanal Basque espadrilles from Escadrille Paris is an impassioned, exacting vision that places quality and creativity at the heart of its collections. But what does that actually mean? Well, espadrilles that are hand sewn by Spanish artisans feature a thin outer sole that reinforces the rope sole and is designed to optimize stability and durability. And the exterior leather tab that prevents the canvas from sagging helps these artisanal espadrilles maintain their specific, impeccable shape.
The long list of choices, details, and trims that characterize this brand of artisanal Basque espadrilles places it firmly in the big leagues.


For men or women, flats or wedges, with or without straps, open or close-toed, plain, colored or sparkly: artisanal espadrilles are available in infinite variations, each more covetable than the last. Escadrille’s techniques and use of fabric, leather, and ribbon is putting ancestral expertise front and center to create creative, sustainable fashion.
There’s just one problem: how are we supposed to choose when there is such a rich array of hand-made espadrilles on offer? We want them all!