Panier Escadrille Paris

Do I need to replace my espadrilles after wearing them for one season ?

If you’ve bought your espadrilles for a few dollars at a superstore, the answer is probably yes, unfortunately.

If on the other hand you’ve bought your pair from Escadrille, the answer is no. In fact, since the beginning, we’ve chosen to make long-lasting, chic and on-trend espadrilles that go against the tide of throwaway espadrilles found nowadays at superstores.

Escadrille’s espadrilles are made to last and to be used several seasons in a row. Our shoes are crafted from resistant materials that withstand intensive use over a number of seasons.

But there’s nothing stopping you from owning several different models of Escadrille’s espadrilles, so you can switch things up every time you open your closet doors and ask yourself what you want to wear today.